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  • Campus Facilities To Check When Choosing Engineering College

    Majority of students who elect an engineering institution to pursue their education go for the college’s academic results, placement history, lecturers’ experience, reputation of the college, etc. before they take admission. Although these aspects are the most significant ones but there are also many other factors that should be analyzed prior to taking admission. When an individual elects a college alongside the prospects given above there are many other significant factors to check out for as well. Irrespective of the fact that whether the student is opting out for a college in the familiar region or outside, the certain factors that should be contemplated before opting an institution from the list of top engineering colleges are given below:


    Sports facilities:

    When living at the hostel in college campus, alongside the room facilities the other factor that every student should lookout for are the sports ground or facilities. As we all know that ‘All work and no play, makes jack a dull boy’, thus it is recommended that a student should opt out for a college that provides essential sports facilities and encourages students to participate in various activities.


    Cafeteria and canteen:

    The most important feature that every student must look out for are the cafeteria and canteen facilities. For a healthy lifestyle that won’t affect their academic results, students must have proper and hygienic food. Any engineering college that a student aspires to get into must check the canteen and mess facilities.


    Gym club:

    Alongside maintaining good grades in academics it is essential to stay fit and healthy both physically and mentally as the large amount of studies surplus the worries regarding their career that every student has to bare has a huge effect on their health. Student must look if the college has a gym club with all the essential equipment and gear.


    Transportation facilities:

    If the student resides away from the college and to get there they have to take a bus or a cab. It should be checked that whether the college has provided transportation facilities guaranteeing the safety and security of the students while they are travelling to reach the college.


    Parking facilities:

    For the students who travel by their own vehicle to reach the college must also check for the parking spaces and facilities. The students must contemplate for the security of their vehicles whenever parked inside the campus.


    Wi-Fi availability:

    The college campuses across the country now provide 24*7 Wi-Fi for the students for study, completion of assignments, and project research purposes. Many times the campus is located in an area that is inaccessible to the network of different service providers. At that time the students have to face internet connection issues and as most of the work and study of an engineering student is depended on the internet they must have access to internet. The students must also check whether the college is providing WIFI facilities.


    Multipurpose auditorium:

    The colleges conduct various events that may be technical, social or even yearly cultural event. It serves an important factor if the college has already created an auditorium for conducting these activities and event purposes.



    During the exams or even during regular academic sessions there are many students who aspire to study at the library. It should be checked that whether the library time is suitable for the students and also that whether the library is accessible to students during the after college hours for the purposes of issuing books or not.


    Common room:

    Every student needs a relaxation time or even a time when they can hang-out with their friends without disturbing other fellow students or even to get refreshed. To make this possible the college must provide separate common rooms that is accessible to all and contain certain facilities that would make the students get relaxed a bit before they get on with their regular studies.


    Training & Placement cell:

    Alongside the curricular, it is also essential to check that whether the college allows the students to develop certain qualities that would make them employable. The separate Training and placement cell plays a vital role when it comes to the hiring of students and making them campus placement- ready.


    Other facilities:

    Alongside these facilities some of the other significant necessities that are much needed include laundry services, call booth, and a small retail store for buying daily needs and study material and stationery.

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